Tortington, more than any other part of Arundel, will be changed forever by National Highways’ proposed 8km new ‘Arundel Bypass Grey Route’.  Look out for the Statutory Consultation, 11 Jan – 8 March 2022.  This is your chance to protect the well-loved, tranquil, historic Tortington village, before it is forever spoiled by the din and pollution of high level, high volume traffic which would roar through the middle of Tortington right past the Manor.

bypass options map

We at Tortington Local Community are 100% committed to sustainably improving transport.  But we are also committed to seeking a value for money solution that protects the natural environment in the Arun Valley and on the edge of the South Downs National Park. In this we join organizations like the CAMPAIGN TO PROTECT RURAL ENGLAND, the SOUTH DOWNS SOCIETY, the CAMPAIGN FOR BETTER TRANSPORT, TRANSPORT ACTION NETWORK and the SUSSEX WILDLIFE TRUST to urge Highways England to opt for the short online bypass option known as the ARUNDEL ALTERNATIVE. Read more about the ARUNDEL ALTERNATIVE at Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee.

Only one thing is certain. If this fully offline bypass is built, Tortington as a community will be severed from Arundel and the route will destroy watermeadows and other agricultural land, also devastate the villages of Binsted and Walberton and destroy vital wildlife habitat.

It is not just the width of a four-lane road, its central reservation and its verges that will swallow this natural environment. But the area lost to wildlife as sustainable habitat will be three or four times this area. Severance of the woodland block and of the woods from their fields and grazing marshes will impact more widely still on species which move between those habitats to sleep and to feed. Productive farmland right across the Arun Valley will be lost as well.

National Highways and their associates get the most money for this most destructive option, but it is very bad value for money.  We must rouse the public and persuade the Planning Inspectorate to reject this route, which Highways Englad admitted in 2019 could cost up to £1.185Bn and which could now cost much more.  They must look instead at keeping use of all the existing A27 dual carriageway, and just building a short, low-impact bypass east of the River Arun (the Arundel Alternative).

For a more detailed analysis of these bypass options and other transport issues in the Arundel area go to www.arundelbypass.co.uk .